Gov. Ron DeSantis signs bill into law protecting veterans from fraud

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a number of bills into law on Friday, including one to help protect military veterans from fraud.

The Florida Veterans Protection Act (SB 294) adds veterans to the “White Collar Crime Victim Protection Act," which already exists. 

"The Florida Veterans Protection Act provides that a person commits an aggravated white collar crime if he or she obtains or attempts to obtain $50,000 or more by committing at least two associated white collar crimes against 10 or more veterans," a summary of the bill reads.

It goes into effect on Oct. 1.

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The governor of Florida has now signed 187 bills into law from the 2020 session.

Most of the 2020 bills went into effect with the July 1. There are still 16 bills that DeSantis must act on by Sept. 19 or allow them to become law without his signature, according to The News Service of Florida.