Grand Jury indicts man accused of gunning down SMPD officer

On Dec. 4, the San Marcos Police Department lost one of their own: 58-year-old Kenneth Copeland.

Investigators say Officer Copeland was serving a warrant at 51-year old Stewart Mettz' home for assault causing bodily injury of a family member and injury to an elderly person.

Mettz allegedly began shooting, hitting Copeland multiple times. Mettz later surrendered.

District attorney Wes Mau knew the 19-year San Marcos police veteran personally. “This is somebody we've worked closely with, different people in my office knew Officer Copeland in varying degrees. It hits everybody differently,” said Mau.

On Thursday a Hays County Grand Jury indicted Mettz on a capital murder charge.

“The injury to an elderly person being a felony, that was also indicted yesterday. Capital murder in the state of Texas is only punishable by two things, life in prison without the possibility of parole or the death penalty ,” said Mau.

Mau is not saying if they will or will not seek the death penalty just yet.

After hearing the sentiments of those who loved Copeland, it is clear he will always be missed and the D.A. says he will seek appropriate justice.

“We know they put themselves on the line every day, you just don't expect it,” said Mau.