Grand Jury indicts suspect in deaths of elderly couple and choir teacher

Murder charges have been handed down for the December murders of an elderly Austin couple who were killed inside their home.

The suspects are also charged in the murder of a choir teacher just nine days before.

Court documents allege Timothy Parlin was involved in the murders of Kathy Blair and later Sidney and Billie Shelton.

Parlin was being held for burglary in connection with Blair's death.

Now he faces five counts of capital murder for all three of the slayings.

Police say all three of these murders stemmed from home burglaries.

And court records show all three were either stabbed or beaten and strangled.

A grand jury moved to indict Parlin on three counts of capital murder in commission of burglary and one count of capital murder serial because more than one person was murdered in the same way.

Parlin was also charged with one count of capital murder multiple because the Sheltons were murdered at the same time.

"I feel like it's been a long time coming - I'm glad that day is finally here and I just really look forward to our justice system doing it's job and doing it right," said long-time neighbor Marie Taylor.

The other suspect in the Sheltons' murder, Shawn Gant Benalcazar, has not been charged yet.

He was already jailed on a capital murder charge for Kathy Blair's murder when officials announced there were suspects in custody in the elderly couple's killings.