Granger ISD students testify for SB 68 allowing absences for 'career shadowing days'

Central Texas teens advocated for a better educational experience at the Texas Capitol Wednesday morning.

Students from Granger ISD testified for Senate Bill 68. It would allow juniors and seniors in high school to take excused absences for "career shadowing days."

This would allow students to visit a professional workplace to explore a career path before they go to college.

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  (Granger ISD Superintendent Jeni Neatherlin)

"Students would be able to not only figure out the career they want to do sooner, it will also help them not want to go to a college, get a major that they're not sure if they're interested in, finish that major, get out of college and realize is not for me," said Cody Klaus, a Granger ISD student.

Granger ISD Superintendent Jeni Neatherlin has advocated for this bill before, but it failed two years ago.

To watch the full video of the students testifying, click here.