Graveyard Point residents begin cleanup efforts after flooding

Traveling by boat, Trent Chastain and neighbors took advantage of the clear skies that Sunday brought to assess flood damage and begin cleanup. "It's just going to be a lot of cleanup and replacing electrical and plumbing issues," said Chastain. 

Last week, residents who live in Graveyard Point and Hurst Creek Road area were hit hard by flood waters causing many to evacuate their homes. 

Including Rhonda West whose lived in the neighborhood for 20 years. 

"It's always good to take precautions and get as much out as you can," said West. 

Since the flooding most of the neighborhood remains under several feet of water. Dozens of residents spent most of the day clearing out debris and muck from homes and working around the water.

"Well it's sunny today and it's not raining so its improvement over the last week. We are going out and take a look and see how much damage it's done," said West. 

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The Graveyard Point neighborhood of about 150 homes is located on the southwestern tip of Lake Travis, which is one of the first places that residents say floods when the water comes up.

Chastain and West say they've experienced major flooding before in 2007, when Lake Travis reached just above 700 feet. But say this time around it was worse.

"This time it came up quickly and there was so much devastation above us that we weren't able to line up moving companies and were only able to move things to the second floor. This time we have more destruction than we've had in the past," said West. 

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 "We moved everything upstairs and cleaned everything when the water receded but it wasn't this bad or I don't remember being this bad," said Chastain. While the recovery and cleanup efforts will take some time, they say they're relieved it wasn't as bad as it could have been.  

"Glad that everyone is safe which a blessing is," said West.  

No word yet on the costs of damage or how many homes were destroyed in the flood. 

However, residents are saying they're concerned about more rain that could be on the way Monday.