Greg Kelley calls on Cedar Park City Council to take immediate action against some in police departm

Two days after being released on bond, Greg Kelley took to the stand at the Cedar Park City Council meeting Thursday night demanding immediate action from council members regarding the police department and the investigation that was done regarding his case.

The 22-year-old was convicted of child sexual assault in 2014 but his case is currently under review by a district court judge. Pending that review Kelley was released on bond Tuesday. Judge Donna King agreed to two claims that allowed Kelley to be released.

The first being that the Cedar Park police investigation was negligent.

The second, Kelley was deprived of effective counsel by his former attorney, Patricia Cummings.

Starting off the city council meeting the mayor made it clear that everyone, including Kelley, would had the normal three minutes to speak. Kelley was second to speak of dozens.

He started off his speech by introducing himself to the council and said he was there for accountability and truth. Accountability, he said because the people that did this to him need to be held responsible and truth because if it’s never discovered, the victim cannot receive justice.

Kelley said the council's decision of doing an internal review of the police department after the Texas Rangers already did an independent investigation is alarming.

He also made it very clear when he was at the stand about how he feels about those who have supported him throughout all this and how he feels about the Cedar Park Police Department.

“While i was incarcerated I received an outpouring of love from this community. Sean Mannix tried to label them as a cult, just like how he tried to label me as a pedophile. I believe this is a toxic culture that excuses laziness in defense (and) incompetence. When Chief Mannix called this the best police work he’s ever seen, it became clear change is required because an organization can only be as good as it’s leader.  This was about winning and achieving a successful prosecution at all costs, it had very little to do with justice and truth," Kelley said.

Cedar Park City manager Brenda Eivens released a statement regarding the city’s independent review of the police department and said, "We are currently reviewing the information associated with Judge King's ruling and will continue to evaluate additional information as it becomes available. I must respect the integrity of the ongoing legal proceedings and active investigation and cannot comment further on the case at this time. What I can say is that public safety and trust are paramount to the City, and we will continue to work cooperatively with all parties involved and professionally serve our community. At City Council's direction, I am working closely with the City Attorney to develop a process and timeline for an independent review of the policies and procedures of the Cedar Park Police Department. Currently, we are working to identify and vet a third party with the necessary experience and expertise to assist us with this effort so that we may make a recommendation to council.”

Police Chief Sean Mannix also released a statement and said "I am aware of Judge King's ruling in the Greg Kelley matter as well as the ongoing active investigation by the Texas Rangers. Everything in the criminal justice system should be open to judicial review and thorough examination. This matter is in the hands of the Court of Criminal Appeals and I trust that a full and fair examination of all evidence will take place. We are committed, as always, to transparency and are pleased to assist the District Attorney and the Texas Rangers with whatever they need moving forward."

Kelley did speak after the city council meeting and when asked about what he means by council taking immediate action, he said he wants Police Chief Sean Mannix and Sgt. Christopher Dailey "Out of there.”