Greg Kelley's attorney shares new evidence with FOX 7

On Tuesday, Greg Kelley was brought back to the Williamson County Jail while he waits for an August hearing.  During the hearing his attorney, Keith Hampton will try to prove that someone else sexually assaulted a child staying at an in-home daycare...someone who looked very similar to Kelley.
By the way, FOX 7 is not naming that other young man or showing a photo of him since he is not officially a suspect yet in the District Attorney's eyes.
So on to those new details -- Hampton says they now have proof that the other young man took at least one picture of one of the children attending the daycare.  Hampton says the child was half-dressed and is quote "made to pose."  We've already reported that Hampton is claiming this young man was found to have pictures of naked children on his home computer that were not daycare attendees so this is in addition to that.
Also there's a new affidavit from a parent of one of the kids that stayed at the daycare.  The woman says during the TV news coverage of the initial case her child who was somewhere between 7 and 9 years old at the time saw a picture of Kelley on the screen and asked why there was a picture of this other young man on TV.  His mom told him that was Greg.  The child asked "Greg who?"
Hampton also has an affidavit from someone who claims they were quote "smoking weed" with this other young man when he confessed to the crime saying "it was me, not Greg.  I did that to the little boy."

In a statement, Hampton told FOX 7 this afternoon -- again we've redacted the name...

"This evidence establishes that a reasonable jury would acquit Greg in light of all the evidence.  A jury would be more than justified in acquitting Greg on the basis of [the other young man's] repeated confessions to two different people in two different years as well as proof that kids as old as eight misidentified ******* for Greg," Hampton said.