Groups clash over whether Confederate heritage groups should march in parade

ATX Vets and the descendants of confederate veterans obviously have some opposing views.

A clash happened after ATX Vets held a press conference, denouncing Confederate heritage groups, participating in the annual Veterans Day parade in Austin.

"The Veterans Day parade should only focus on veterans from the United States Armed Forces," said Manuel Jimenez with ATX Vets.

ATX Vets says groups like the Sons of Confederate Veterans and Descendants of Confederate Veterans should not be allowed in the parade, because of what they believe they stand for.

"It's a treasonous flag,” said Brent Wesley Amos, Air Force veteran.

Terry Ayers from Descendants of Confederate Veterans showed up at the press conference, defending his views. 

"Judge Eckhardt invited me and Mr. [Shelby] Little to appear before her at the Travis County Commissioners Court where we made our case for having been in that parade for over 20 years without having any problems whatsoever,” said Ayers.

He says the group no longer flies the battle flag, but the First National flag.

"I understand some of the comments that have been made," said Ayers.

"It's still the same flag , it still represents the same thing," said Amos, speaking of the First National flag.

Last year, Mayor Steve Adler boycotted the parade, and instead volunteered at the food bank.

"We're not going to be attending anything that symbolizes racism. I’m sure the mayor has the same feeling, it didn't change," said Pio Renterria, Austin City Council member.

"When I hear all the stories about men being burnt alive with that flag being paraded across Mississippi, all of a sudden you want to do it now?" said Amos.

Tuesday, the Veterans Day Parade Committee will meet at ACC Highland at 12 noon. That is where "ATX vets " is expected to tell the committee to honor their request.