Groups clean veteran headstones ahead of Veterans Day in Round Rock

The Texas Fallen Project, along with the Williamson County Young Mens Service League spent Saturday morning cleaning headstones in the Sam Bass cemetery in Round Rock.

Traditionally they will come out and place flags, but this year they said they wanted to do more.

"This year we're actually cleaning all of the veterans headstones before we place a flag," said Bobby Withrow, founder of the Texas Fallen Project.

Withrow has been coming out to the cemetery for years. He said he wants it to be a place where those who are honored, he wants to have their headstones reflect that.

"Hopefully one day I'll have every headstone in the cemetery cleaned," he said.

He added it doesn't matter if you know the veterans personally.

"Remember everyone that sacrificed for us," Withrow said, adding the courage, resilience and strength they had for their country is what makes giving back for a few hours worth it.

"We need to get out and take care of our community and that's what today is about," he said. 

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