Guests of Austin Suites Hotel say they were given 24-hour notice to pack up and leave

Guests of the Austin Suites Hotel say last week, they were given 24-hours notice to pack up their belongings and leave because the hotel would be torn down soon.

“I came down to a bunch of noise like what the hell is going on in here," said Jimmy Dennis, who has been living at the hotel for five years. That's why seeing a letter on Friday evicting him came as a shock to him.

“He was passing them out, he said you have 24 hours to get out, we are doing renovations, it's unsafe. Here I am I have all that stuff in my house, nowhere to put it and all of a sudden I’m evicted, not for late payment but because the new owner wants us out now,” Dennis said.

Dennis's sister Janet Arnold says she wasn't given that same courtesy. “Didn’t give us a warning," she said.


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She also lives at the hotel alongside her husband. They're both disabled.

“That’s why we're over here this is considered low income. I feel like they should give us more time,” she said.

Dennis says he had the month of March paid, but then was given the money back. Arnold says last Friday her key stopped working so she's been leaving her window unlocked to get inside.

"Just treat us like we are decent human beings, we pay our rent, don't just throw us out there," Dennis said.

In the meantime, they're unsure what's next for them.

“Where are you going to go, to be honest, ma'am I consider myself homeless right now, I put up a tent,” Arnold said.

Dennis said, “I don't know where I’m going to go or what I’m going to do. I could try and get housing but it's a two-year backup.”

FOX 7 Austin has not been able to reach the owner of the hotel but anyone with more information about this can contact us.