Harris County community honors fallen deputy

A community out to honor fallen Deputy Darren Goforth.

He was shot and killed Friday night outside of a gas station. But today, hundreds of flowers, balloons and messages were placed to support and honor him.

Hundreds of people came out to give hugs and handshakes that will never be forgotten.

“It means the community's come together along with law enforcement. It means people caring about their officers and the officers caring about their people. We’re going to work together and make things better here in this community,” said Summer.

Deputy Darren Goforth had fellow officer friends at the memorial and also family friends.

“Whenever we were little he'd come over and I’d always try to get him to handcuff me because I just thought the handcuffs were cool. If we were staying home alone he'd come check on us, and when we were out of town he's make sure our house was okay,” said Langland.

For many, it became a movement to talk about the current police-civilian encounters.

“It’s very tragic this had to happen to a really good guy good officer. And I know that there are people in this world that think all cops are bad and it's not true. There’s always going to be bad apples in the bunch but he wasn't one of those,” said Delossantos.

 The turnout surprised even the organizers of the vigil To many, it was a way to make a statement.