Hays County family in need of help

Olivia Aguirre and her family have been on the road to recovery since late October after flood waters entered their home.        

"My house looked really nice and then when i came inside after the flood, everything was destroyed," Aguirre said. "I threw everything away. mattress, furniture, all the stuff, tv's that got ruined."

The most valuable item destroyed was outside of their home. A wheel-chair accessible van used to transport olivia's husband and daughter.

"My husband is paralyzed from the chest down and my daughter," Aguirre said "she has cerebral palsy and hydrocephalous. water on the brain."      

With both her husband and daughter restricted to wheelchairs, it has become extremely difficult to get them from place to place.

"Now I dont have anything to move them easily. Aguirre said, "either one stays or the other one goes because we don't fit because of the wheel chair."

The van isn't covered by insurance, leaving Olivia relying on help from others. Although volunteers have been in the area, helping clean up debris and delivering food, Olivia doesn't know how much longer there will be help around.

"How long are they going to stay?" Aguirre said. "Maybe I'll get some help to fix the house so we can start moving and I really don't know when we're going to move in so we're just waiting to see who else can help us out.

The family started a "Go-Fund-Me Account". If you would like to help, you may go to gofundme.com/kevinflood.