Heartfelt note found on windshield of patrol vehicle

You could call it big love and blessings for local deputies. One man found a note on his cruiser, with nothing but good wishes on it for both him and law enforcement.

It is a small sheet of paper -- with a big impact -- that was found on the windshield of Marion County Deputy Christian Mitchem's patrol vehicle.

Lauren Lettelier, a spokesperson for the Marion County Sheriff's Office called it a "very profound note."

"A very honest note," she explained. "I think it touched his heart in a lot of ways."

The Marion County Sheriff's deputy found the note last week while attending a conference in Orlando. It means a lot to them, given recent national events targeting law enforcement.

Letteleier said, “With everything that's going on in the world of police and our national conversation, it's wonderful for our local law enforcement to feel that support."

The nicely handwritten note reads:

"Dear Officer, I've walked past your vehicle numerous times in the last two days, and all I keep thinking is 'God bless you and your fellow officers for all you do to keep our country safe.'  May God protect you and keep all of you safe. Thank you!"

The words "Blue Lives Matter" are underlined.  It's signed, "Marion County Citizen."

No one knows who wrote this note. But, the deputy and the department have one thing to say to whoever wrote the note.

"We want to say thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” Lettelier said, with a smile on her face, “from everyone here at the Marion County Sheriff's Office."