Heavy flooding expected in La Grange

While Hurricane Harvey continues to unleash record levels of rain throughout Texas, city officials in La Grange are preparing for the worse.

The city has issued mandatory evacuations in parts of Fayette County, forcing people to leave their homes and businesses behind.


Dylan Simek who lives with his family said he expects the worse.

"Our house is going to be underwater, it's going to be completely gone by the time we come back here," said Simek

He said leaving his home behind wasn’t easy.

"Honestly it was pretty scary I don't really look like I’m scared right now," said Simek.

Simek said once he sees the aftermath of the flooding the reality of losing their home will hit harder.

“Once my house is gone once my room is gone and I don't have any place to go anymore, that's when it's going to hit me probably, and hopefully we can rebuild quick," said Simek.

He and his family packed up the last of their belongings and are staying with relatives.

"We have taken all of our antiques and my mom has packed most of my grandmother’s stuff and me, I didn't have much in the house but I just packed my Xbox," said Simek.

He along with many others left their homes behind. 

According to the National Weather Service they predict the river will crest at 49-feet early Monday morning causing major flooding.

While the aftermath of the flooding is still unknown local residents said the unpredictable weather patterns are concerning.

"It’s really scary not knowing what to expect and being told what to expect and not knowing if it's really going to happen or if it's going to be that bad or worse,” said Reve Salon employee Krystal Dahse. "There are a lot of homes along the river bank, the golf course all that has homes on it. A few RV parks around the river that are evacuating so, it's going to be scary.”

Local business owner Donna Webb said she's not taking any chances.  Webb has owned her salon for six years and said she doesn't know if she'll have a salon after all is said and done.

"My heart is pounding so fast right now like I said this is my baby this is my everything and it is what it is."

She along with many other business owners who are located along the river have packed up what they could.

"The girls from the salon called and they were like alright what do we do what can e do to help you and everybody came,’ said Webb. “I’m so thankful for our community and that everybody has stepped up and they helped more people then I could image.”