Hill Country braces for more severe weather as storms move through Texas

The line of thunderstorms that moved through the Hill Country caused some isolated flooding. But mainly the high water covered low-lying areas like the roadways in Boerne.  

There was also intense lightning, that came with the storms, which posed the greatest threat. It all started Monday; that’s when a storm cell hit the home of Cheri Mayfield near Blanco.

"So far dodged a bullet, not too bad right now, it was a little scary, I got here to work around 3 o’clock and there was lots of thunder and lightning and I got, from my FOX 7 WAPP, I got an alert that said Blanco under a tornado watch so I was a little nervous," said Mayfield.


Earlier in the day as the storms approached, first responders from Boerne to  Burnet were getting ready to respond to the flash flood threat.

"Right now the grounds are saturated especially from the rains we’ve had recently and it doesn’t take very much of a rainfall to cause some flash flooding in our creeks that flow very fast," said MarbleFalls Fire Chief Russell Sander.

An example of that threat happened Monday. MFFD rescued a stranded motorist from a low-water Crossing. Fire crews were also called to help a resident who had water coming into their home. Chief Sander is expecting the storms over the next few days will continue to come in waves. Because of the continued threat, his off-duty firefighters are on standby to come in -if needed. For those who get caught in one of the downpours the Chief’s advice is simple; stay put. Adding, it’s better to run late, than to run into trouble.

"Give it a little bit of time, it rises very fast here and it also goes away very fast on a regular basis not always but most of the time it will go away, and as the storm waves keep moving in it’s only gonna get worse toward the end because once again the ground becomes more saturated in that water is just gonna runoff," said Chief Sander.


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