Historic Hut's Hamburgers closes West Sixth Street location

A long time Austin restaurant that first opened in 1939 officially closed its doors on October 20th.

Hut's opened on South Congress. In 1961, it moved to West Sixth Street, and in 1981, it’s current owners, Mike and Kim Hutchinson took over. 

Known for their fried foods, burgers, and shakes -- the shop has secured a loyal fan base through the years. 

David Martin, has been coming to Hut’s since 1982. 

“Tried it out one day and I fell in love with it. They got the greatest onion rings in the world here and best burgers.” he said. 

One couple recalled their first few dates at the restaurant. Today, they bring their grandchildren to eat. 

Juan Mendez, says he’s been coming to Hut’s since his sister was a UT student in the early 2000’s. 

“...brought my family here, my kids.” he said. 

Co-owner Mike “Hutch” Hutchinson says he gets  “people coming up telling [him] stories about their good times,” since announcing the restaurants closing, “it’s really heart warming.” he said.

When asked what he will miss most, Hutchinson, replied “the people.”

“It’s -- I don’t know, it just makes you kind of like, maybe I missed my time, you know? Makes it all worthwhile.” he said, tearing up. 

 38 year Office Manager and GM Laurie Womble, said she too, will miss “the people.” 

“They’ve all been coming in for years and years and years, and I’ve watched children grow up and families have been coming in, and I am really gonna miss all of these people that I have met throughout the years. That’s tough.” she said. 

From everyday Austinites -- to stars, the restaurant has attracted fans from every walk of life. 

Hutchinson says Matthew Mcconaughey, came to the restaurant in college -- and dated one of the servers -- and that Dennis Quaid allegedly fell in love with Meg Ryan at the restaurant. 

“Just things like that, very fun, it’s been up and down but overall it’s been great.” he said. 

Hutchinson says the restaurant, was negatively impacted by growth and increasingly limited parking in downtown. 

“The handwritings been on the walls for years. You really wouldn’t be able to tell now, but our businesses really isn’t what it was ten years ago. Because nobody wants to come downtown, parkings a problem. Look, Austin's big enough that there’s bars and restaurants in every neighborhood now, so it’s, our business isn’t what it was.” Hutchinson said 

When speaking to FOX 7 Austin before October 20, Hutchinson said he hoped the West Sixth Street location would have enough burgers, fries and wings to last the day of closing. They got close but ended up wrapping up early.

“I just hate to see the property that we’re in right now go so, I hate to see more of downtown being ate up by all the big buildings.” said Martin. 

Mendez, said closing the restaurant is closing part of “Old Austin.” 

“Yeah, that’s what everybody says [it’s part of Old Austin.] When you work some place every day for 38 years, you don’t think of that, really, but that’s what everybody thinks and I'm real happy people think that way.” Hutchinson said. 

The “Hut’s Hamburgers” location at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, will remain open. 

We’re told a “local restaurant” will be filling the West Sixth Street space -- though it’s name has not yet been announced. 

“The good thing is it’s not gonna be a high rise it’s gonna be another restaurant and another restaurant, another local restaurant at that.” said Womble.