Home stuck in middle of South Austin neighborhood road until Monday

Alton Martin's usual Sunday stroll in his South Austin neighborhood had an unusual road block.

"It's not every day you see a house stuck and it's going to be quite an effort to get this thing out of here," Martin said.

Martin said a house has been stuck in the middle of East Live Oak Street since late Friday night after workers from Austin Home Movers were attempting to transport it.

"I woke up at 5 AM to the sound of this house hitting this tree and telephone pole and definitely was upset," Ryan Williams, a resident, said.

Williams said he began recording video from his bedroom window after workers began using saws to make space.

"They sawed off (the left side) of the house and then they sawed off the other side of the house to keep from having to cut down this branch of our tree. What's the point of saving the house if you're going to saw this side of the house off?" he said.

Austin Home Movers owner Nick Morphis told FOX 7 over the phone the city informed his company they had the incorrect permit and told them to leave the house where it was. Something residents are happy about, for now.

"It wasn't very professionally done and that's my thought. And that's why the city needs to have the regulations they have in place so things like this don't happen," Martin said.

Morphis said the house will remain in the street until Monday when they get the correct permit which means Williams will have to live in his own version of this not so fairytale for now.

"When you look out your window, you see a big white house. We're not in Kansas anymore!" he said.