House previously stuck in Austin neighborhood moved to Lockhart

*Update 10/7* The house that was stuck in a South Austin neighborhood has finally arrived in Lockhart but it wasn't entirely smooth.

It arrived to the final destination but had some issues with a stop sign, trash cans and some mailboxes.

But after nearly a week, it finally arrived to the land where it now rests.

The stuck house saga continued as the stuck house got stuck on the side of the highway in San Marcos.

The truck transporting the house broke down on Highway 21 Thursday evening. But the good news they got it as far as San Marcos and early Thursday morning Live Oak Street was finally clear.

The home was first stuck in trees and then there were permit issues. Fast forward 6 days later, they were finally on the road but not without more trouble. About an hour in EMS was called to treat an injured spotter. Then, the home had to be lifted to clear the guardrail along I-35.

Once in Buda, they had to wait out rush hour traffic.

As they continued East, it took out a mailbox, and had three tires blow out it and ended up on the side of Highway 21. More bad news came when they were out of Austin they thought they could move during daylight hours but were told they have to stick to midnight to 4am.

Nick Morphis is with AAA-Austin Home Movers, "After we stopped with the blowout i had a txdot official say they have the same requirement. Once we get out of austin everything else is daylight moves, they just changed this recently, apparently because of traffic issues," he said.

At 11:40 Thursday night the movers will head into San Marcos and take Highway 80 FM 20 with the final destination of Medina and FM 20 in Lockhart.