Houston inventor creates 'The Deflector' shield for salon safety

Many of us can't wait for salons to reopen so that we can get back in the chair, but we also want to do it safely.

One Houston inventor came up with a solution he calls “The Deflector”.

Donald Wardsworth owns an acrylic fabricating company that makes everything from art pieces to podiums. He wanted to help his niece who runs “Changes" hair salon in Humble and is unable to work.

Through a week of trial and error, he created the Deflector to act as an acrylic shield between stylists and their clients, allowing them to cut hair or apply chemical treatments or color. It’s fully adjustable and able to rotate with the stylist’s needs.

“We just tried to look for ways that we may be able to assist them and show that they too can reopen responsibly and have the tools necessary to protect themselves and their patrons and get back to work,” says Wardsworth.

He’s been testing it on the chairs at Changes and based on feedback, he's already created two different models.

“Right now nobody else has anything like this. Everybody has stationary shields,” he explains while showing off the model made especially for barbers.

“You can adjust to where you're still protected. The patron is protected, but I can get close enough to them to be able to see exactly what I'm doing and to make sure that I'm accurate.”

The deflector can also be used for makeup or eyebrow artists. Wardsworth says it can be sanitized with 70% alcohol.

Each order is made in Houston and takes about three to five business days to turn around. Prices range from $145- $175. Contact Inspireddesignsandconcepts@gmail.com for more information.