Houston man arrested for 'bank jugging,' authorities urging awareness about new crime trend

Terrence Thompson

A Houston man was arrested for 'bank jugging,' authorities with Harris County Constable Precinct 1 Office said on Thursday. 

Officials said on June 15, Terrence Thompson, 59, was seen on surveillance video following a Bank of America customer who had withdrawn a large amount of money. 

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Thompson followed the customer to their place of work and broke into the customer's vehicle, officials said. 

Authorities stated surveillance was able to capture Thompson at the bank and taking the large sum of money in the customer's car, leading to his arrest on Monday. 

Thompson was charged with felony theft and felony burglary of a motor vehicle. 

Officials said 'bank jugging' occurred when a thief patiently observes customers inside or outside the bank, the thief follows the customer, then burglarizes the vehicle or victim directly. 

Authorities are urging everyone to be aware of your surroundings and conceal your money when leaving the bank.


Also be sure to take your cash withdrawl directly to your destination and do not hide your money bag/envelope in your car. 

If you believe you are being followed as a potential jugging, immediately call 911.