Hundreds line up at Central Florida food bank after coronavirus leaves them in a pinch

Hundreds of cars lined up at the Islamic Society of Central Florida on Wednesday, each picking up pounds of free food.

Stella Ramos was driving one of the cars and told FOX 35 News that, “I live alone with my daughter and she's out of work for a month so just to get some food for me and her to pass through this."
The Second Harvest Food Bank made this one of their "mobile drop" spots.

“This is where we bring a semi-trailer full of food out into the community, unload it on pallets and put it directly into people's cars,” said Erika Spence, from the Second Harvest Food Bank. She said that during this drop-off, it was especially important for everyone taking part to keep a good distance from each other to avoid possibly spreading coronavirus. They also kept physical contact to a minimum.

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When distributing food, the clients drove up to volunteers with their trunks open and, one by one, volunteers loaded the food into the back.

It was all kinds of food -- everything clients would need to feed themselves and their families for a few days at least.


“Things like peanut butter, canned tuna, chicken, good sources of protein, as well as other sources like chicken broth, tomatoes, canned soups, pork and beans, things like that,” Spence explained.

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Many of the volunteers were college students out of class because of the coronavirus, like Ramzi Chaaban, who stated that “It feels good, every time you see another car come, you see a different family, different story. When you give food -- it just helps your heart and theirs, as well."
They gave out all the food, no questions asked. Second Harvest continues to schedule other mobile drops. Clients like Ramos said it was a huge help.
“Dried fruit and nuts... I don't know what they put back there,” Ramos said, “I saw eggs and other stuff. Anything, you know, it accumulates, and I'm very appreciative!”

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FOX 35 News is teaming up with the Second Harvest Food Bank as coronavirus cases continue to rise in Florida.


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