Swimmers at Typhoon Texas get to enjoy an 'icy treat'

Winter paid an early visit to a Pflugerville water park.

"It’s been many years [since we’ve had an ice dump], and this heat gave us such a good opportunity to bring it back," said Jessi O’Daniel, general manager of Typhoon Texas. "We are always talking about ways we can entertain our guests here at Typhoon Texas." 

On Thursday, 15,000 pounds of ice were dumped into the wave pool. 

"It was amazing," said Arlo Wilson, 11. "I loved seeing the ice just cascade into the water." 

Elsa from "Frozen" also paid a visit to the water park and brought along some "snow."

Thursday’s event came as temperatures hit triple digits for the 41st day this year.

"When you’re in a cold pool it’s good, but it’s kind of annoying," said Preston Henson, 6, when asked about the heat. "My mom decided it would be a special treat to see the ice." 

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