Iconic Austin 'You're My Butter Half' mural restored after defacing

The iconic Austin "You're My Butter Half" has been restored after it was recently defaced. The mural is located at 2000 E. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard near Alamo Street and was recently altered to say a different phrase. 

Earlier this month, the wording was changed by an unknown person. 

The "er" was removed from butter and the "a" and the "f" in "half" were replaced with an "o" and an "e". The mural's original artist, John Rockwell, apparently took the change in stride telling one media outlet that "My first reaction was ‘oh no!’ but then I laughed out loud."

On June 13, a restoration muralist, who is a volunteer that helps maintain the mural, restored it to the way it was originally.

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