Illinois lawmakers want to ban 'Grand Theft Auto' amid spike in carjackings

People have been saying for months now that teens are running around Chicago and carjacking motorists like it's a video game.

But now, local lawmakers are doubling down on that idea, saying video game "Grand Theft Auto" should be banned.

Some of the carjacking suspects are not even old enough to drive. On Monday, a 16-year-old was charged and days ago, two 15-year-olds were arrested and charged as well.

Philanthropist Early Walker says violent video games like GTA could be influencing their young minds.

Walker met with Illinois State Representative Marcus Evans in January and from there, legislation was drafted to amend a 2012 law preventing some games, including GTA, from being sold to children in Illinois.

Different versions of GTA have been banned or censored in five different countries, but never in the United States.


This past Friday, a former police officer was carjacked in his own driveway in the south suburbs. The car was later found in Harvey with the young suspects still in it.

"These guys feel like they are going to get right back out, especially since they are juveniles," said retired police officer Vincent Sims.

DePaul University psychology professor Leonard Jason told FOX 32 the game could be the cause of violence, but that it is not the only factor.