Inauguration Day for Abbott and Patrick

Greg Abbott was sworn into office Tuesday as the 48th Governor of the State of Texas. The U.T. Tower was lit Orange in honor of Abbott who graduated from the McCombs School of Business in 1981.

The inaugural ceremony took place under a large canopy on the south steps of the state capitol. Fighter jets flew overhead. The longhorn band entertained and the modest crowd that gathered next to the capitol dome- watch Dan Patrick take a selfie and Greg Abbott embrace his family.

Patrick was sworn in by his son- who is a judge from Harris County. Abbott took his oath with his hand firmly on a Bible that many believe once belonged to Sam Houston. Cannon blasts from a 21-shot salute startled the crowd. For most- the ceremony was the continuation of a party that started with Abbott's November landslide victory.

"I was just so happy and delighted and happy that he is governor," said Tina Jinez who drove from Dallas to attend the event.

Melissa Baker and her husband drove from McKinney and took their own selfies to remember this Inaugural day.

"Well it makes me excited about what Texas is going to be about for my children, my children are growing up in this great state and we moved here from right outside of DC, to bring them here and grow up in this great place," said Baker.

Abbott and Patrick both represent a change in leadership here at the capitol that hasn't happened in more than a decade. New faces; but not a change in political philosophy. Governor Rick Perry was recognized for his long tenure in state politics, but his call last week for political unity appeared to be - at least one thing - his successor does not plan to follow.

"We must do more than work to find common ground to solve our problems we must seek higher ground to elevate Texas even more," said Governor Abbott.

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick was even more direct in his comments- claiming a mandate.

"As conservatives we've done many great things over the 12 years since we've been in the majority, but now it's time to take it to the next level," said Patrick.

For this new leadership expanding a conservative agenda is expected to include proposals for tax cuts, school vouchers and increased security along the border.