Is Justice Anthony Kennedy about to announce his retirement from the Supreme Court?

The Supreme Court is expected to announce a decision soon on the President's controversial travel ban case, but another question is also looming. Will one of the justices announce his retirement?

There is speculation-- and it is really only speculation-- that Justice Anthony Kennedy could use the last day of the court's term to make a major announcement. Over the weekend, his clerks suddenly pushed up a reunion party, sparking questions about his future.

Of course, that means the Trump administration is facing questions over the possibility of another court vacancy, but Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway wouldn't say much when asked about it on This Week with George Stephanopoulos.

"I will never reveal a conversation between a sitting justice and the President or the White House, but we're paying very close attention to these last bit of decisions," Conway told Stephanopoulos.

Kennedy is 80 years old, and he's been on the court for almost 30 years. He is often the swing vote, making his opinion critical.

If Kennedy were to step down, President Trump would get to make a lasting imprint on the court, already having selected Neil Gorsuch shortly after taking office. On the other hand, Kennedy could easily stick around.

Either way, the other big news for the court this week may be its decision on the President's controversial temporary travel ban, targeting a half-dozen mostly Muslim countries. The administration has asked the court to overturn lower court decisions to put the ban on hold.