‘It likes you’: Deer gallops alongside Missouri joggers on run

Brandon Little and his friend Chad were out for a jog in St Joseph, Missouri, when they were joined by an unlikely running partner: a deer.

Little and his friend have been running partners for about a year and they have never encountered anything as eventful as a deer, let alone one that joined them for about a quarter-mile.

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“We were just running and all the sudden somebody ran by us and said, ‘If you keep running, there is a deer up there.’ So we ran by it as people were trying to feed it grass. And then the deer just followed us,” Chad told Storyful.

The critter followed them across one intersection, and then another, before Little took out his cell phone and decided to document the encounter.

“I was not nervous but I started to do a serpentine maneuver because it got so close to us,” Chad said.

The footage shows Chad a few paces ahead, with the deer trotting right alongside him. The animal stops for a bit, then catches up to the men a few times, but stays within a few feet of Chad for the majority of the footage.

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Chad and Little said that once the deer stopped following them, they saw it run off into nearby woods.