Jason Kelce lost Eagles' Super Bowl LII ring in pool of chili: 'The Super Bowl ring is officially gone'

Former Eagles Center Jason Kelce said he lost his Super Bowl ring in a vat of chili. From: New Heights Podcast

Jason Kelce's greatest achievement as a football player might have been lost forever in an inflatable pool full of chili. 

You read that right: Jason Kelce revealed on the New Heights podcast that his Super Bowl LII ring was lost in a disgusting game of needle in a haystack.

Kelce, who retired from football in March, said the mishap occurred during a live recording of the New Heights podcast that included fans participating in challenges.

One of the challenges tasked players with finding Jason's championship ring wrapped in a sock and buried in a vat of Cincinnati's famous Skyline Chili. 

Some of the chili-covered socks included fake or replica rings, and the contestants had to race to find Jason's actual Super Bowl LII ring, but it was never found.


"I legitimately lost my Super Bowl ring in this event, they could not find it," Jason said on the podcast. 

Video of the podcast on YouTube showed a picture of an intern searching through the vat of chili with a shovel. Another helper is shown scanning the kiddie pool of chili with a metal detector, which didn't work due to what Jason said were "traces of iron in the chili itself."

"All of this stuff has been thrown away, so I think we can safely assume that my Super Bowl ring is now in a landfill in someplace in the Cincinnati, tri-state area," Kelce said.

Kelce and the Eagles downed the New England Patriots 41-33 in Super Bowl LII to give Philly its first NFL championship. Kelce is remembered for delivering a passionate speech dressed in full Mummers garb on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum during the team's Super Bowl parade. 

"I thought we'd just go in the pool and get the ring afterwards, but they were throwing so much and there was so much calamity happening that, at some point, the only thing I can think of is that at some point the sock got kicked out of the chili, and it made its way out of the pool and that it was thrown away in some shape or form," Jason said. 

Jason, a Cincinnati native who now calls Delaware County home, said he put in an insurance claim for the ring and said if he can't ultimately track it down he will have another one made. 

"The Super Bowl ring is officially gone," Jason said.