Woman who claims to be Jerry Jones' daughter files defamation lawsuit

A woman who claims to be Jerry Jones' daughter is now suing the Dallas Cowboys owner for defamation.

The lawsuit filed by Alexandra Davis, who previously filed suit against Jones claiming to be his biological daughter, says Jones, Cowboys spokesperson James Wilkinson and Jones' Arkansas friend Donald Jack Jr. attempted to paint Davis as an "extortionist" and a "shakedown artist."

Davis, a 26-year-old woman who works for Congressman Ronny Jackson (R-Amarillo), repeated claims that her mother received "hush money" to not publicly identify Jones as the father.

The lawsuit denies claims by Jones that Davis' suit was a part of contentious divorce between Charlotte Jones and her husband, Shy Anderson.

It also cites statements from an ESPN interview with Wilkinson in which he said, "This whole saga and series of recent attacks amounts to nothing more than an amateurish coordination among various parties to try to shake down the Jones family for money" and an affidavit allegedly given to ESPN by Jack claiming Davis has demanded money from Jones years earlier.

Davis claims that she never demanded any money from Jones, and that several statements were made "with malicious intent" to discredit her as a part of a "smear campaign."

The suit says Davis is seeking relief for actual damages, special damages, punitive damages, the costs of the suit and any other future relief.

An April paternity suit against Jones is still pending. In December, a judge ordered Jones to take a paternity test.