Joe Biden nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

A file image shows former Vice President Joe Biden at the Hotel Du Pont in Wilmington, Delaware. (Photo: Michael Brochstein / Echoes Wire/Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

They may not have a lot in common, but Joe Biden and President Trump both share at least one thing: both have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

According to the London Evening Standard, Chris Bryant, a member of Parliament of the United Kingdom, announced his nomination the day before Trump and Biden when head-to-head in the first presidential debate of the 2020 election on Tuesday.

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Bryant said he nominated him because, “When others have resorted to violent solutions, he has argued that the best force is the force of argument.

“Because guns can stop a heart but well-placed words can change many hearts, and many hearts can change a world.”

President Trump received his third nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize this week, this time from a group of Australian law professors.

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Trump was first nominated for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize by a Norwegian Parliament member for his role in the United Arab Emirates-Israel peace deal. Days later, a Swedish Parliament member nominated Trump again after he helped secure a deal for normalized economic relations between Serbia and Kosovo., FOX News reported.

Trump and Biden’s nominations will be considered for the 2021 prize.