Jonathan Ferrell's family wants a retrial

The family of Jonathan Ferrell, an unarmed black man shot and killed by CMPD officer Randall Kerrick in 2013 says they want a retrial after a judge declared a mistrial in Kerrick's voluntary manslaughter case Friday afternoon.

When asked if the family was worried about violence in Charlotte, they responded, "We're not worried about violence. The only violence in Charlotte we're worried about is Randall Kerrick's violence."

Judge Robert C. Ervin declared a mistrial in the voluntary manslaughter case of Charlotte police officer Randall Kerrick after the jury became deadlocked. In a conversation with the judge Friday afternoon, the jury said further deliberations would not change their minds.

Charlotte's police chief Kerr Putney said CMPD will protect the right of people to peacefully protest.

After the mistrial was declared, protesters gathered outside the courthouse chanting, "Justice for Jonathan."

Before the trial, the City of Charlotte awarded the Ferrell family a $2.25 million settlement. The city of Charlotte said an investigation showed Kerrick did not have the right to shoot Ferrell, violating North Carolina law G.S. 14-18.

Kerrick remains on unpaid administrative leave until the process is complete, according to CMPD Police Chief Kerr Putney.