Judge says Kendrex White 'competent' to stand trial, 'sanity' exam may come later

Police say Kendrex Jermaine White stabbed 4 fellow students on the University of Texas campus near Gregory Gym on May 1st.  Freshman Harrison Brown didn't survive the brutal attack.

The word used by witnesses to describe White's demeanor as he committed these acts: "calm."

White is charged with murder and on Friday morning he appeared in Judge Tamara Needles' courtroom.  No cameras or audio were allowed in court on Friday and it will be that way from here on out.

The defense filed a motion claiming White is "falsely charged with murder" and TV cameras in the courtroom would prejudice his rights and the integrity of the case.
His attorneys also feel cameras increase the likelihood White will be forced to ask for a venue change due to the media coverage.  The judge granted that motion.

During Friday's hearing the DA's office wanted to get a jump on evaluating White's sanity but Judge Needles denied a motion allowing the state's expert to do the exam saying it wasn't "timely or appropriate."

Judge Needles also announced two different doctors have determined White is "competent."  A representative with the DA's office tells Fox 7 there is a legal difference between competence and sanity.  Competence means a defendant can proceed to trial and understands what's going on.  The DA's office says "insanity" means the defendant didn't understand the difference between right and wrong at the time of the incident. 

The DA's office says the next step is to continue providing police reports and other available information to the defense who will have to decide between a plea bargain or going to trial.