Kyle City Council passes property tax exemptions

The Kyle City Council unanimously passed an ordinance to create a residential homestead tax exemption and an exemption for individuals with disabilities.  

The ordinance creates a residential homestead property tax exemption of $40,000, which is capped at 20% of appraised value, and a $10,000 exemption for persons with disabilities, as well as amends the seniors over 65 exemption to $10,000. The veteran tax exemption will remain the same, as it is mandated by the State.   

Under state law, the disabled and residential homestead tax exemptions can be stacked, and the over 65 and residential homestead tax exemptions can be stacked. 

A person who is both disabled and over 65 can choose either the over-65 or the disability tax exemption. The ordinance will be brought back before council annually prior to May 1, in conjunction with the budget season.

The new exemptions will go into effect with the new property tax bill that homeowners will receive in October 2022. 

If a homeowner already has a homestead exemption in place, it will be automatically applied to their property tax bill. However, homeowners without the exemption in place will need to create an account and complete an exemption request form online at for both the homestead and disability exemptions for the Hays County Appraisal District (Hays CAD) to review and approve. 

Residents will begin receiving their tax bills on Oct. 1, 2022. For questions about the exemptions, go to or call 512-268-2522.  

The city will set the property tax rate for the 2022-23 Fiscal Year as part of its annual budget process.