Kyle Police have made two arrests in hit-and-run case

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Kyle Police have announced two new arrests in the May hit-and-run crash that killed a bicyclist in Kyle.

Police said 50-year-old Daniel Villegas has been charged with tampering with physical evidence.

Police said he is the brother of the suspected driver in the hit-and-run crash Gilbert Villegas.

According to police the suspected driver's nephew 31-year-old Kevin Sean Deleon was also arrested and charged with tampering with physical evidence and providing a false report to a peace officer.

Police in Kyle are looking for a driver they believe hit and killed a bicyclist on the I-35 Frontage Road.

53-year-old John William Lyon was found dead on the side of the road Sunday. The driver who hit him has yet to be located.

Police said based on debris at the scene, they are looking for a grey 2009 or 2010 Kia Optima. 

As Katie Deolloz knows all too well, every time a bicyclist rides on a road, they have to be weary of the vehicles around them. 

“I have been struck three times while riding a bicycle. I was just struck just under two weeks ago,” Deolloz said.  

The hit and run death of Lyon is a reminder of that risk. 

“That's a person. Mr. Lyon has a name, and he had a life and he deserved the opportunity to live it,” Deolloz said.  

After looking at a map of the location where Lyon was hit, Deolloz said it's clear he had very limited options for a safer route. 
Of course the frontage road does not have a bike lane, but, on top of that, the 50 mph speed limit leaves little chance that a cyclist there could survive a crash. 

“We know a person struck at 20 mph has a 9 in 10 chance of surviving. A person struck by a vehicle moving at 40 mph has a 9 in 10 chance of being killed,” said Deolloz.  

Without knowing the details of how or why Lyon was hit, Katie said there are some tips cyclists can keep in mind anytime they hit the road. 

“So, the number one thing they can do is know the laws,” Deolloz said.  

Bicyclists should ride in the right most lane and not hug the curb, instead staying in the center of the lane so they are more visible, stay at least three feet away from cars, out of the door zone, and be predictable. 
However, the responsibility to avoid a cyclist mainly falls on drivers. 

“Slow down, be patient, you may have to wait an additional three seconds or so, but just give them space,” said Deolloz.  
“They're a mom, they're a friend, they could be a coworker, they're a person, too. And so, they need to be able to get where they're going just like you need to be able to get where you're going,” Deolloz added.  

One more thing Katie hopes to encourage city leaders to do is redesign the roads. 

Katie said by making the roadways safer and encouraging more cyclists, cities like Austin could cut down on injuries and traffic at the same time.
Anyone with information about Lyon’s death is asked to call the Kyle Police Department at 512-268-3232.