Lake Travis 'Graveyard Point' neighborhood preparing to take on water

James Chelf has waterfront property in the Graveyard Point neighborhood on Lake Travis.  His family has owned it since the 1950's.

It hasn't flooded in years...

"4th of July 2007 was the last flood and it was halfway through the windows upstairs," said Chelf.

But Graveyard Point has had more than its fair share of flooding over the years.  The neighborhood was hit hard in 1991 during the infamous "Christmas flood."  According to the LCRA, Lake Travis rose to a record high of 710 feet above mean sea level.

"The house in '91 was 2 feet completely underwater.  That was the big flood.  Great place to live 99% of the time, this is the 1%," Chelf said.

As of early Thursday afternoon, Lake Travis was at 687 feet.  And rising.

The LCRA has 3 floodgates open at Mansfield Dam along with hydroelectric generation.

Chelf says at 691, a number the lake may get to on Friday, he'll have an inch of water in his house.  Chelf and many of his neighbors spent Thursday preparing to take on water.

"I'll probably just go ahead and get everything upstairs packed up and ready to go. I don't have much up there, I've kind of dwindled it down over the last couple of weeks to make it easier for today," he said.

Right next to the Graveyard Point neighborhood is the Crosswater Yacht Club.  Owner Roland Adams says they've been working to get the marina closer to land as the water rises.

"We've got a challenge ahead of us but if we go over 691 then we're going to run into some issues with our parking lot going underwater," Adams said.

Most people in Graveyard Point seem to help each other out whenever the waters rise. 

Adams is lending a hand too.

"I have an old horse trailer and we're going to go help some neighbors move their stuff out and help them evacuate," Adams said.

Dealing with flooding is just a part of life in Graveyard Point in Chelf's view.  Moving out doesn't cross his mind.

"Oh I love it here.  I've grown up here since I was a kid.  I don't see a foreseeable future of moving.  It's a great place," Chelf said.

The LCRA says Lake Travis may rise between 690 and 692 feet over the next 2 days.