Large alligator spotted near Florida middle school

A 10-foot alligator was walking along the sidewalk in front of Deltona Middle School on Sunday night. People driving by were so amazed, they stopped to take pictures. FOX 35 viewer Karl Miranda took video.

This gator literally stopped traffic here along Enterprise Road. The 10 footer just on a stroll near the Deltona Middle School fence.

Miranda said, "I saw something huge, murky, grayish on the asphalt there. I actually thought it was a snake of some sort, but the closer I got, I realized, it was a big gator."

This New Yorker says it was a real eye opener.

 "I've never had an experience this close, and I am taking this as an affirmation that, after 20 years, I've finally become a Floridian."

School officials are aware of the alligator so close to the school.  Even though the alligator technically obeyed a "no trespassing" sign and avoided going onto the school property.  They had staff check the school grounds Monday morning to make sure the coast was clear for kids to head to class.

They will be watching out for this big guy.  Someone called a trapper, but by the time he got out there the gator was long gone. They believe he likely found his way to Lake Monroe which is right around the corner.