Largo PD: ‘Intoxicated’ man attacked 10-year-old due to ‘kids being loud’ at playground

Booking image for Kit Kull

A 70-year-old man is accused of slamming a child to the ground at a Pinellas County playground after yelling that kids were making too much noise.

Largo police arrested Kit Kull on a child abuse charge on Saturday. They said a 10-year-old child was playing at a playground behind Kull’s apartment. His arrest records show a Clearwater address on Roosevelt Boulevard.

Before 6:30 p.m., Kull "became upset due to the kids being loud while playing" and "began yelling to the children."

Officials say there were several kids having fun at the playground when he stormed out of his nearby apartment, annoyed over the noise.

Police said he grabbed the 10-year-old by the shirt and slammed the child in a grassy area. Officials said the assault was witnessed by a bystander, who told Largo police that Kull pushed the child to the ground.

According to Kull’s arrest affidavit, police said he was intoxicated at the time and refused to speak to an officer.

The Associated Press contributed to this report