LCRA lowers lake levels to help homeowners with repairs following October floods

Water levels are about to drop over at Marble Falls and Lake LBJ.

Following the devastating flooding in October, the LCRA is going to make it easy for victims to make repairs to damaged property along the shoreline. December 30th, Sunday, the LCRA will begin dropping the lake levels at lake Marble Falls and Lake LBJ about 1 foot a day, this will give residents a chance to rebuild docks and dredge.

The nightmare from 2 months ago is far from over. “My side of the street, I don't think anybody is living in their homes yet,” said Matt Adams whose home was flooded in Marble Falls.

In October Adam’s neighborhood was under water following a devastating flood. The signs of its destruction can still be seen months later; debris lines yards, fences crushed, a table still resting in a tree. “When it first hit we really didn't think it was going to come up as high as it did,” said Adams.

Adams is staying with neighbors across the street while repairs are being done. “All the furnishings in the house (got destroyed), we had to tear out all the dry wall all the way to the ceiling, the porch, the decks, the cars, the boats, the jet skis, everything was gone pretty much starting over from scratch,” said Adams. Despite the destruction, Adams said right now there is a positive vibe in the area as people continue to rebuild. “Plan for the day is throw a fishing line down in the water and see if I can pull something up,” said Adams.

As people like Adams continue to rebuild their homes the LCRA is moving to lower the lake levels in Marble Falls down 7 feet and 4 feet at lake LBJ. This will allow people to remove debris and repair docks, right now many are still torn to shreds just along the shoreline.

“We've got some repairs like the jet ski ramp it was destroyed and just to see the condition of the seawall,” said Adams about his plans for when the water is lowered. While repairs are still far from over, Adams says he's ready for the day he can finally move back home.

If you plan to do construction during this time while the lake levels are low the LCRA is urging you to make sure you need a permit. You'll only have until February 23rd because that's when they'll start raising the levels back up.