Leander family concerned for their safety following shooting

Leander Police are investigating a shooting that took place Wednesday night near the 500 block of Emma Rose Trail. FOX 7 Austin spoke with a family, who says the ordeal began Tuesday evening when a man showed up in their garage.

He told them he was hiding from the police, and refused to leave. 

“So my step dad started to call the cops on [the man] and he got mad. And, he was like, we’re gonna -- I’m gonna be back, you just watch. I’ll be back for you.” said Amanda Zamora, who lives in the home. 

Around 8:30 the following evening,  Zamora, her brother, and two sons arrived home from church. They discovered the man had made good on his word. He was outside their house waiting. 

Zamora says he began cursing and shoving her two sons, ages three, and five. “I told him don’t touch my kids, like literally, you can do whatever you want to me. But, just don’t touch my kids.” she said. 

Zamora says the boys have “a lot of questions, they don’t understand why he acted that way, why he was pushing them.” 

She says the man began beating his chest, and hitting her brother, trying to start a fight -- asking if he remembered him from the prior evening. “The guy just kept talking mess to him and telling him ‘I’m gonna take care of y’all.’” he said. 

The family tried to defuse the situation. Zamora fought to call 9-1-1 as the man, wrestled with her.

Soon, the man began to shoot. “He started coming back towards us a little bit, and then he fired the shots. And then, he kept coming back towards us and then he took off.” 

Neighbors say the man ran down the street, where he sought refuge in his grandmothers house. 

Shila Leos lives next to the woman. She says her young son, had just come in from playing in the street, when shots rang out. “I reached out to the neighbor, and she said that she was okay… so I called her daughter and said I’m worried about your mom.”  she said. 

The woman, wouldn’t open her door, triggering a SWAT standoff.

A helicopter and dog were also on scene. Eventually a robot was sent into the home.

The elderly homeowner was brought out -- but the man, was nowhere to be found. 

“He had come back knowing who he was looking for, that was scary in itself and now, knowing that he’s brave enough to pull his gun out and fire shots, and knows still, that we’re here, that’s really nerve-wracking for me” said Zamora. 

Early Thursday evening, police had not yet identified the man suspected of committing the crime.

They will not do so, until they obtain a warrant for his arrest. 



Leander police investigating shooting incident