Leander non-profit caring for 49 dogs after hoarding case discovered

After a case of dog hoarding in Brady a local non-profit is caring for 49 dogs all under the age of four. Texas Humane Heroes received a call for help and left Monday to rescue the dogs.

"They could have been euthanized and most likely would have been," said Christine Rankin with Texas Humane Heroes.

Rankin filled water bowls and gave a few belly rubs Wednesday. The dogs and puppies are getting a dose of over-due TLC.

"She was taking them in and providing a shelter but it got to be too many," said Rankin about the case.

The lady was trying her hardest but couldn't do it on her own and let them over populate and over populate," said Lindsey Thompson who serves as the animal welfare manager for the non-profit.

Thompson made the trip to Brady to help collect the animals and describes the conditions as poor and unhealthy. She spent hours removing ticks from the dogs and even had to hook one up to IV fluids on the scene.

The dogs range in age from four years to just under two month old puppies.

"We need to get them fixed, shots, micro-chips and flea and tick medicine and we have to provide all of that care," said Rankin.

The non-profit is a no kill adoption center and works off of donations to take care of situations like this.

For the Texas Humane Heroes staff and volunteers the top priority is preparing their new guests for forever homes.

"It's very important if we don't have anyone to step up they will just stay here," said Thompson.

"They are all Chihuahua, dachshund, and terrier mixes and they're just waiting for a home that's good for them,"

Until then, they'll temporarily call the non-profit home.

The dogs aren't quite ready for adoption but the non-profit says it will use social media to let people know when that changes.

For more information on how you can volunteer or donate money, click here.