Let's go fly a kite at the 89th Annual ABC Kite Fest

Last’s year’s ABC Zilker Kite Festival was cancelled because of rain.

This year the same thing almost happened. But after a short delay, organizers opened Zilker Park to the crowds and thousands filed in for the 89th annual festival.

Festival goers got a chance to watch thousands of kites soar along the city skyline.

Thousands of kites were able to dance on the breeze some even missing trees. Texan got the chance to show off some of their kite-flying skills.

Attendees were able to enjoy local food and drinks, a kite contest, the MossFest Children’s Concert, and the Anteater Fun Run.

Aiden Abraham has been attending this event with her mom for five years and said it’s become a family tradition. "My mom and I like to go for a lot of color we got a butterfly this year to fly years before with flew minions. Butterflies have often come into tradition we have them all around our house,” said Aiden.

Spirits grew high after storm clouds moved out.

“This year we are getting some rain but the sun is peaking out,” said Aiden.

This year, long time veterans wanted to go big, Texas big.

Billy Ray Mladenka and Kat Mladenka are kite flying enthusiast. "Yeah we've being doing it 30-35 years. We’re flying a Texas Flag shaped like a delta,” said Billy Ray Mladenka.

Kat Mladenka said the community and the peace is what keep the couple coming back year after year.

“We have a good time we enjoy putting the kites up watching them fly,” said Kat.

The festival was free to the public.