LGBTQ community and supporters gather for equality rally and march

From Washington D.C. to Los Angeles, people from all around the country joined together for an equality march for unity and pride. Many of those were here in Austin.

Event organizers said thousands filled the grounds at the Capitol for a rally, before taking to the streets of downtown for a march. While it was a part of a national movement, those locally said now more than ever, they need to unite.

Meghan Stabler, is National Board of Director for the Human Rights Campaign, “Together let’s send a strong message to people of power including Governor Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and the Trump administration that LGBTQ people demand equality now,” she said speaking to the crowd.

Organizers of the National Equality March for Unity and Pride said it's about supporting all ethnicities, sexualities, genders and religions.

Fatima Mann spoke at the rally, she’s with Counter Balance ATX, “As a person who identifies with the rainbow alphabet is what I call it, is being able to make sure all voices in the community is heard because there's always a division geared around race and wanting to make sure even in this community not to accept or embrace so we can fix it,” she said.

LGBTQ community members and their supporters came from all over the state to stand together in resistance to what they said is legislated discrimination against their community.

Earlier this month, Governor Greg Abbott announced the call for a special session, giving the bathroom bill a chance for revival. Matthew Ramirez is from Austin and attended the rally.

“There's no need for the governor or the Lt. Governor to call a special session just for trivial non-existent problems such as the bathroom bill and not paying attention to things that really do need work like our school reform it's frustrating and disheartening,” he said.

The group with a police escort then shut down the streets of Downtown Austin in hopes that many would hear their message, “We aren't going to back down, and we aren't going to hide, we are not going to go away, we are standing up, we are showing, up we are speaking up and together we fight for justice,” Stabler said.