Liberty Hill HS students get hands-on experience in TV production class

Liberty Hill High School students are getting hands-on experience in TV production during Friday Night Football.

Instead of just shooting videos for class projects, these students are down on the sidelines recording sports highlights and running the scoreboard for everyone to see.

"So, here we do like what goes up on the screen from our three cameras because we have one above the 50. We have one on the right side of the field, one on the left side of the field. So, all of those come through to us, and we put them up on the screen," says Liberty Hill High School senior Tyler Kuhn.

Just last year, Liberty Hill High School started to offer audio and video production classes, and students say they enjoy every aspect.

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"So, I am a reporter. Basically, I interview on the jumbotron, and I video the games and write stories, and I do that outside of football as well. So writing stories, doing interviews," says Liberty Hill High School senior Alexis Adams.

"It's not really interviewing for me. It's seeing all the little kids see their role models, especially when they do their run before the game. I always see them behind the stadium. Little kids like high-fiving them and like being super excited," says Liberty Hill High School sophomore Brianna Barrera.


High school senior Tyler Kuhn says this really helps him get a feel about what he wants to do after graduation.

"I think hands-on experience is always great and doing projects, doing stuff, practicing how it's done in the industry is really a great way for students," says Kuhn.

One student has already committed to the school of journalism at Abilene Christian University after taking audio video production at Liberty Hill.

"I was able to send in a resume with all the things that I'd done. I've been able to send in a reel and that's what got me a spot on the media team," says Adams.

Liberty Hill High School teacher Mr. Hooper says he hopes to make this program bigger, and students can do more than just record Friday Night Football.