Little Free Pantry to be rebuilt after being destroyed by truck

Jenny Lorraine is left putting back together a piece of her community

“I’m going to rebuild it as soon as possible,” she said.

After becoming ill and almost losing her life, putting this little free pantry together was a way for her to give back. “I just wanted to pay it forward the same way a doctor does to a patient, or like people who donate blood, I just wanted to pay it forward,” said Lorraine.

Jenny and her neighbors place canned goods, toiletries, reading material and other essentials inside. “There are a lot for people who need a dinner for their kids or often there is clothing for a job interview in the pantry, there are also shoes,” said Lorraine.

However, over time, vandals made their way to it. “On Sunday I pulled up from the grocery store and I saw a man beating the cabinet with a metal pole,” said Lorraine.

But the worst was yet to come. Thursday, the pantry was destroyed. “A GMC Sierra plowed through the yard, almost hit a woman, jumped the curb, took out a fire hydrant, hit the pantry, took out a speed limit sign, and then drove away." Luckily nobody was hurt.

“If the pantry hadn't been here he would've plowed into the house. If my husband would’ve been here he would've been hit, because he left just a couple minutes earlier,” said Lorraine.

Now she is calling on her community to help make the little free pantry the staple it was..

If you wish to help, you can drop off goods at 1201 Cloverleaf Drive in East Austin.

You can also donate on GoFundMe.



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