Llama on the loose in Fairfax County, VA reunited with owner

A llama found loose in Fairfax County on Tuesday has been reunited with its owner, according to the Fairfax County Animal Shelter.

The Fairfax County Animal Shelter tweeted a photo on Tuesday of a llama, saying it was spotted in the county.

The llama was rescued after it was seen running on the Fairfax County Parkway near Popes Head Road. 

Later, a helicopter pilot spotted the llama in one man's backyard. 

"The helicopter had its spotlight coming down on our house. My assumption was there a takedown of some bad people," the man told FOX 5. 

Instead, it was police chasing Colby the llama. The homeowner initially didn't believe it.

"This is Fairfax County, nobody has Llama's. This isn't Peru," he said. 

Until he saw it with his own eyes. For several hours on Sunday evening, Fairfax County police officers tried to get their hands on Colby who had escaped from her home. 

The homeowner would eventually help police with Colby as they waited on a trailer.

"They asked us to bring out a blanket to cover its eyes, so it would calm down just like a horse," the homeowner who asked not to be identified said. 

Reasa Currier, the director of the Fairfax County Animal Shelter, tells FOX 5 that Kolby is from Clifton. 

 "This is our very first llama. We've never had a Llama before," Currier explained. 

Her office got a call from the Animal Protection Police Monday morning. 

"We right away had our staff evaluate her, and we also had our shelter vet take a look at her. She was a little nervous, but she settled right in," Currier said. "We set her up with plenty of stray and hay and made sure she had a nice warm place with breakfast."

As Colby got cozy, the shelter searched for her family. 

"We had a lot of people helping that knew the llama community. They were reaching out to their other llama-owning neighbors," Currier said. 

The Fairfax County Animal Shelter director said she's not surprised to see llamas in the county with all the open green space. 

"They are traditionally kept as livestock, but many people keep them as companion animals as well," Currier mentioned. 

After a couple of calls, Colby was reunited with her family. 

Currier is using the opportunity to remind people to keep an eye on your animals. 

"Making sure your fences and gates are secure, especially when we have the winter weather coming and high winds, it's good to do a daily check," she said. 

While they don't have any more llamas, Currier wants people to know that they have dogs, and cats that are looking for homes this holiday — so stop by an adopt one.

For more information on the adoption process visit the animal shelter's website here

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