Local law enforcement launches underage drinking prevention campaign

Local law enforcement will be in full force during SXSW and Spring Break. The Travis County Sheriff’s Office alongside other agencies are joining the Travis County Attorney’s Underage Drinking Prevention Program to educate young adults about the legal and social consequences of underage drinking.

TxDOT provided TSCO with a grant to fund more deputies in the next coming weeks. Kristen Dark, TSCO Public Information Officer said the office tends to see a spike in DUI arrests during Spring Break. The agency busted five establishments for selling minor to an alcohol.

"So we have additional deputies that are out for the sole purpose of targeting drunk drivers and they'll be doing their part to make sure that we keep people impaired off our roadways," Dark said.

“Their future depends on it this is a mistake that could literally cost their lives so we don't want to be the good times police, we want to make sure they are having a good time we just want them to do it with good judgement."

Minors caught drinking and driving can face up to $500, 17 or older can face up to $2,000 in fines, including classes, community service and potential jail time.