Longhorn football: Fans tailgate and cheer on UT football

Hours before the start of the game, fans were set up and geared up in burnt orange ready to cheer on the Longhorns at DKR Stadium on UT campus.

"This is out 16th year, 16th year, of tailgating at UT football games," said Longhorn Fan Robert Orozco.

Orozco prepared days in advance.

"We started probably Thursday, we group text people, who is going to bring what, who is going to cook what, and it works out, works out real well," Orozco said.

Fans brought tents, drinks, barbecue pits, food and all the toppings to pair with the football game.

"We do dancing, we do drinking, we do eating, and we cheer on our Horns," Orozco said. "The television station will be on other games, but when the football game starts everything stops."

The Longhorns defeated Alabama 34 to 24 last Saturday and are hoping to get a win against Wyoming. 

"It's not a give me win, I think they are going to have to be on their game," said Longhorn fan Denise Carter. "I think coming off of a game as big as Alabama last week, it could be easy to get a little lazy, maybe, and I think they are really going to have to be focused and coming playing their game to pull it off."


"Win or lose I’ll always be a Horns fan," said Longhorn fan Zach Miller. "Support the players, their looking real nice. I just want to see a win, I think Sarkisian's got it going on. No matter what, I will be a Longhorns fan."

No matter the outcome, Orozco said there are three principles tailgaters abide by.

"The core principle is we still gather, meet old friends, make new friends and cheer our Longhorns," Orozco said.