Longhorn fans soak up glory after big win against Alabama

After the Texas Longhorns beat Alabama 34-24, fans are still feeling the high. The big win now brings the Longhorns to No. 4 in the nation after beating then-number three Alabama.

Fans say it's been awhile since they've felt this much excitement around the team.

"I think Texas football is back," freshman Troy Breen said.

"Was fantastic. A long time coming. So proud of the team and what they did. And Alabama couldn't have been better to beat, to beat Alabama feels very sweet," Longhorn fan Pat Bond said. "It feels fantastic, because it's been a long time, and I hope we can prove the rest of season that we belong there, if not higher."


"I feel like we've had a lot of ups and downs with the football program, so it's awesome that we're like, really, we're back now," sophomore Mac Bechtol said.

Sophomore Katelyn Turco went to the big game.

"It was awesome. I didn't think we were going to win, to be quite honest, but we did. And it was the best time of my life," she said.

Alabama fans weren't so thrilled.

"They were obviously not used to losing, so they're not happy with us. But that's okay. I don't care," Turco said.

"This was a really good team win," Steve Sarkisian, UT Head Football coach, said.

Texas went to the National Championships in 2009, losing to Alabama then. Texas only played them one other time, last year, losing by one to the Crimson Tide in Austin.

At the University Co-op, managers say they see more customers after Longhorns have a big win.

"We saw a definite uptick in our business both yesterday and today," chief operating officer Mike Scyffert said.

Meanwhile, fans are just soaking up the glory. 

"I haven't been at school here when we're that good, so I hope that doesn't change anytime soon," junior Emi Carson said.

Fans say they hope the team will bring the same energy to the game against Wyoming Saturday, Sept. 16.