‘Love my commute’: Man participates in National Bike to Work Day while working from home

You have to applaud his enthusiasm for biking to work.

While many people around the world are working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, some of them are trying to emulate what their normal work day would look like as much as possible, no matter how impractical.

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The third Friday of every May has been designated National Bike to Work Day. One quirky Canadian man decided to make the most of this day and “bike to work,” although the travel time was far shorter than one would expect.

Stephen Raitz posted a video to Twitter on May 15 in which he is seen standing next to his bike, seemingly preparing to bike to work. This all sounds pretty standard except for one detail: He was inside his Edmonton residence.

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Raitz snaps his bike helmet on and proceeds to ride about three feet into his kitchen where he dismounts, removes his helmet and sits in his “office” to begin his work day.

#NationalBikeToWorkDay love my commute," Raitz tweeted.

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