Luling football game canceled in honor of assistant coach

The Luling community is mourning the loss of a well known high school assistant coach. In his honor, they have canceled Friday's football game.

Coach Ralph Lymas was with the district for three years, but we're told his legacy will be with them forever. An inspiration on and off the field.

"He always used to push us to our limits, knowing that we could do better. Whenever we did better, he'd say 'you see what I said, you could do it,'" says Caleb Magallenez, Luling football player.

There was a strong bond between Luling football players and Defensive Coordinator Ralph Lymas. Especially the seniors, since he started working for the district when they were freshman.

"Not only was he a football coach, he was a really good friend, he was a very close friend. He was a leader, he was a spiritual leader for me," says Magallenez.     

Assistant Coach Lymas passed away suddenly Monday morning. He worked for the district the past three years. His career started long before that, a total of 34 years in the business.

"Very passionate about kids and passionate about football. Passionate about extracurricular activities and athletics. Coach Lymas inspired people and that was just a key characteristic. He's just a very, very inspiring gentleman and a great loss for our community," says Tim Glover, superintendent, Luling ISD.

In recognition and honor of Coach Lymas, the Luling Eagles have called off Friday's game.

Their next game is set for September 11th, where a small decal with his initials will be placed on all helmets.

"We want to carry on the things that Coach Lymas taught us. Not only on the field but what it looks like to be a man. What it looks like to be responsible and be accountable to each other and one another. So we really put an emphasis on carrying on who he was and the lessons he tried to teach," says Head Coach Scott Campbell, Luling High School.

This is at least the 2nd recent tragedy for Luling football. Head Coach Robert Dean died in 2009 at the age of 41. Coach Lymas' sudden death is another trying time for the district.

The players are sticking together as a team.

"If we play the right way, if we play with pride for our school, if we play in a classy manner, that will be the best thing we can do to honor Coach Lymas moving forward," says Campbell.

Visitation is scheduled for Friday night from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. in the high school gym. The funeral will be held at the same location on Saturday at 10:00 a.m.

All high school sporting events have been canceled for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.